BJ, software engineer

“I had gotten bogged down trying to make decisions for graduate study and a more fulfilling social life, while overwhelmed with a settling into a new home and community; arranging for major repairs to my former home; recovering scattered financial records; and attempting to sort through years of accumulated disorganized personal records. Dr. Mael helped me clear through the confusion and gave me the discipline to identify where I needed to focus my attention and what could be “boxed” for later. With his insight and encouragement, I was able to take care of financial problems that had been festering for years. I also learned to develop a more positive attitude; untangle my confusion; set priorities; and carry out goals in achievable steps.”

FD, educator

“Dr. Mael really helped me at a crossroads in my life. I had been juggling several jobs, as well as a number of personal projects, and desperately needed to find a healthy balance in my professional and family life. I am grateful to Dr. Mael for giving me the skills and strategies on how to, among other things, evaluate and prioritize my goals. Over the last six months, thanks to our sessions, I have felt much more focused and productive in all areas of my life.”

MY, IT professional

“Despite having a quite high paying job with good benefits I was not satisfied with my job. Dr. Mael helped me identify the underlying cause of my dissatisfaction and together we formulated an approach and plan that has made the job much more satisfying. I feel I have acquired techniques that I can use in the future and I am now better equipped to tackle similar issues – be they life or work related. “

CM, warehouse manager

“I was dissatisfied with my job, my income, and my future prospects and concerned about my ability to support my family. Dr. Mael helped me become more proficient in my present job while searching productively for a better one. He helped me evaluate whether potential jobs or business ventures had real potential and whether they would be detrimental to my wellbeing. I presently earn double what I was earning when I first sought Dr. Mael’s guidance…. I would highly recommend Dr. Mael to anyone who feels that he is stagnating in his present occupation, feels overwhelmed with his job and responsibilities, or would like to further his career” .

WM, travel agency manager

“Dr. Mael analyzed and assessed my staff and business as a whole and helped me understand its strengths and weaknesses. He provided me with a full list of recommendations on how to bank on my strengths and transform my staff and business. He helped me set business policy regarding which clients belonged to which agent in a way that everyone felt accommodated and that helped the staff work more as a team. Dr Mael was very friendly to work with but more importantly, he offered practical advice which I found extremely helpful. I highly recommend Dr Mael.”

SJ, Attorney

“As an attorney who moved from a Midwest in-house counsel position to Washington, D.C. and my first law firm job, I was overwhelmed by all the changes. Between the increased work hours and demands, learning law firm culture, and the stress of moving, I was convinced that taking my new job was a mistake. Dr. Mael helped me gain perspective on the situation. His practical strategies for tackling assignments and integrating into my new environment have eased the stress of my transition. I am now enjoying and achieving good results at my new job. In addition, he is helping me sort out my feelings about work and work-life balance in ways that will be beneficial for years to come.”

SN, VP Finance, insurance corporation

“Dr. Mael really helped me break a logjam which had plagued me for a decade.   I had switched jobs several times, was not productive although I was busy and I kept losing the office politics game to bosses and subordinates both.   He helped me break each issue into workable parts and solve each methodically…  Thanks to our sessions together, I have been much more productive, work much better with colleagues and superiors at all levels and am now unstuck and ready to make the upward move that my career has been waiting what seems like a lifetime to make” .