KS, school administrator

“As a highly trained educational leader with many years experience, I found myself facing an uncertain future.  Dr. Mael was instrumental in helping me calmly and reasonably assess my situation. He assisted me in maintaining clarity and weighing my options.  After I landed on my feet, Dr. Mael gave me further insight and direction.  His reassuring and thoughtful manner were  refreshing and inspiring throughout the coaching process.”

SP, physician/clinical researcher

“As opportunities arose to lead more staff and conduct more research, I sought a professional coach and chose Fred Mael …  While I was good at strategic planning, I wanted to expand my skills to more effectively convey my vision to my peers and superiors.  Fred guided me to envision meetings with others differently, understand the motivations of my peers better, and negotiate more effectively with my superiors. His approach is one of understanding the context in which we work from an organizational perspective as well as considering the particular group within the organization. .. he served as a sounding board and advocate while redirecting our conversation to address the organizational and small group dynamics.  His approach was successful in helping me to achieve my goals.”

AM Gluck, CEO, electronic marketing firm

“Dr. Mael transformed this skeptic into a true believer! Immediately into our second session, I developed new awareness into my position and successfully began to transform myself into the CEO I wanted to become. Subsequent sessions were no less valuable. Dr. Mael was also there for me during some difficult crunch times and assisted with some knotty interpersonal challenges that routinely arise in any leadership position. I came out of each coaching sessions knowing what I wanted to do, why I wanted to do it, and how to best go about it. I then just went and did it. Coaching with Dr. Mael was pleasant, productive and cost effective. If you have an iota of skepticism whether to consider coaching with him, contact me at 845-450-2200 and I will dispel any such doubts! Thank you Dr. Mael for everything!”

AD, communications consultant

My business as a communications consultant had nearly disappeared during the “great recession.”  I approached Dr. Mael to help me find motivation to market myself more aggressively. As the sessions progressed, it became clear that I what I needed was not just more marketing but to change the direction of my business entirely in response to the economy. Dr. Mael helped me think through this repositioning. In six months my business turned around – in fact, it was more successful than it had been before the recession began. Dr. Mael’s empathetic listening, sharp insights, and gentle nudging were the perfect antidote.”

ED, government policy expert

“I am a Government policy expert with 20 years of Government service.   I was stagnating and frustrated with my job.  The coaching process focused me on work issues that I had avoided.   The exploratory sessions encouraged me to take steps outside of my narrow box.  As a result of my coaching, I am currently on a long term detail doing a project that is quite different from what I used to do.  I most likely would not have risked this without executive coaching.  With the self awareness I have gained, I look forward to further success.”

GS, student

“I gained a lot of clarity on certain issues from Dr. Mael. My main problem was that I was having trouble choosing a career and getting started with my preparation for it… Dr. Mael coached me along in a practical, organized fashion. .. I started to take productive steps as the coaching process was going on… All in all, I now feel much more equipped to deal with the issues that I was having trouble with.

LB, attorney

Having practiced law for more than twenty years, I had reached a bit of a crossroads in my career.  I had started my own firm 4 years earlier, and many options lay before me – whether to expand my practice, shift its focus, change personnel, or perhaps merge into a larger firm.  Dr. Mael did an outstanding job helping me sort through my options in a professional, systematic way that I would not have been able to do on my own.  Dr. Mael effectively utilized both his training and empathy in guiding me to new levels of clarity and confidence in how I choose to approach my career.  I am forever indebted to Dr. Mael for his assistance, which has led not only to greater satisfaction professionally, but to greater happiness personally, as well.

RD, corporate training consultant

“As a successful training consultant, I was shocked to find myself out of a job as part of a company layoff. Dr Mael’s assessment and practical insights helped bring out my best in interviews and identify opportunities which would maximize my strengths, leading me to obtain a better job. In addition Dr. Mael’s realistic perspective and industry knowledge have given me a practical career plan through which I can successfully advance while enjoying my profession to the fullest.”

JL, neuroscientist

“I had been struggling in graduate school for a good 7 years and was constantly depressed by the fact that my advisor and I didn’t have a good working relationship, which made my graduation look like a distant dream. It was really stressful … When I talked to Dr. Mael on the phone, I felt that I could trust him … We set up an appointment once a week to talk about my concerns, to help me make realistic plans, to make life more structured and balanced, to form my own support network, and look at things with a right perspective. .. It really worked for me that I could talk to a person with wisdom, perspective, compassion and patience, and get good advice every week. I started to build up my confidence and a positive attitude, which improved the communication between my advisor and me. I have now successfully defended my Ph.D thesis. Dr. Mael’s coaching had helped me tremendously.”

WT, actor/author

“As an artist with diverse interests in writing, painting, and theater and as a person engaged in supplemental income producing work as a school bus driver (another art form), I found Dr. Mael’s coaching keenly sensitive, supportive, and concrete. It helped me distill and generate self-affirming behaviors and attitudes from a personal work image often fraught with low self-esteem and judgmental criticism issues. I now have a greater appreciation for my work and my life in general. I highly recommend him.”