Mary Ann Kmetyk, CEO, training company

“I have worked with Fred Mael on several projects and I can highly recommend him as both an executive coach and management consultant. Fred has a unique combination of talents: strong analytical skills, innovative thinking when addressing complex issues, extraordinary communications skills and the ability to build trust, especially when dealing with challenging personal or organizational issues. Everyone who works with him is grateful for the work he’s done on their behalf.”

Gordon Walsh, President, Publishing Company

“Our company was seeking ways to become better organized, more efficient, and more communicative internally.  We hired Dr. Mael based on his long experience with large and small organizations and his excellent references. He has made a positive difference in helping us to become a better company.

He asks the right questions, listens carefully, and offers solutions. For example, our designers had drifted away from their core competence of product designing and into writing. Dr. Mael noticed this mismatch of skill sets and proposed proper resolution. Thus the design team is now more productive. He has also helped me to become a better leader. In conclusion, he will help you to see important issues within your organization that you cannot see from the inside.”


Jonathan Ehrenfeld, President, Property Management Company

“Some time ago I reached out to  Dr. Mael for guidance in developing business leadership and developing my team. I was immediately taken in by his warm character. He is poised and calm yet aggressive in tackling core issues.  Immediately he surveyed my direct reports and related staff. With his cool demeanor, everyone was comfortable opening up and expressing their views and feelings. In the end, he was successful in extracting a tremendous amount of information, all in a relatively short time period. This enabled us to roll out many changes and initiatives, all of which still benefit the company to this day. He still works with several Blue Ocean employees on an as needed basis. I highly recommend him.”

RKA, Federal Senior Executive

I sought coaching because I had recently taken a job as a senior executive in the Federal government and I wanted to further develop my executive competencies.  I was also having difficulties working with my new boss. Fred developed a good sense of the environment and the issues with which I needed help.  We focused primarily on the issues with my boss as they were causing me the most distress.  Fred offered specific strategies I could use to cope with my boss’ personality disorder and had me role play these strategies to enable me to handle the interactions more effectively. Fred provided insights that I hadn’t considered and that helped me cope with the situation.  We also focused on executive competencies such as leading change, managing difficult employees, and leveraging networks to achieve organizational goals.  I originally thought I would have to leave this “dream job” because of my boss.  While I still have bad days, through the sessions with Fred I am better able to focus on accomplishing the important mission of our organization.

MBS, Physician and Supervisory Officer

After working as a supervisory medical officer for the federal government for two years, I had not developed any new career mentoring relationships or received useful career planning guidance in my new environment.  Dr. Mael helped me more clearly define my current career goals.  He also taught me characteristics of an effective mentorship relationship and helped me plan how to identify a potential mentor.  Dr. Mael’s approach was balanced between didactic and supporting my personal exploration of ideas and needs.

JSB, Real Estate Manager

My organization offered coaching sessions to a select group of managers to provide support in a changing environment.  My weekly discussions with Dr. Mael allowed me to analyze how I was reacting to challenging situations.  I was able to develop my skill in reframing my responses to others. Dr. Mael challenged me to take a different view and look for the positive. His direct feedback was what I needed to make progress. My improved ability to stop focusing on the negative has improved my work relationships and my sense of how I fit on the team.

AE, Non-Profit Fundraiser

AE, non-profit fundraiser

I felt overwhelmed and under-skilled as I was thrust into fundraising without proper training. Dr. Mael helped me see where my strengths were as they related to fundraising. This had a direct impact on me achieving my goals. I looked forward to our sessions knowing that when I would finish I would feel empowered to accomplish my goals.

RM, CEO ecommerce company

Since working with Dr. Mael I can confidently say I am more equipped to confront business challenges more confidently. He has helped me put many challenges in a clearer light that has enabled me to take more decisive action. I highly recommend his services to someone looking for a fresh, wise and experienced perspective.

YRS, Federal Senior Executive

I engaged Dr. Mael as my coach at an opportune time to re-assess my current leadership possibilities and plans for life after Federal employment.  He provided a comfortable environment in which to talk about my professional goals as a Director in our national HIV/AIDS programming and he helped me formulate a “legacy” project that will hopefully set the direction for our national program long after I retire.  A three-way conversation with my immediate superior was extremely helpful in identifying areas for improvement in leadership.  Lastly, it was useful to use our sessions to think through all the possibilities of a future professional life after retirement from Federal service.  Visioning for the future, assuming new leadership within my organization, and planning for a future retirement all became clearer through Dr. Mael’s coaching.

EL, Federal Government Manager

I am a Government Acquisition professional with almost 20 years of Federal Service. I was faced with the most challenging situation.  I was falsely accused of lying on my application regarding a certification in my career field, and due to be terminated, it practically destroyed my career and reputation within the agency.  Dr. Mael helped me both personally and professionally.  Specifically, he helped point out my strengths and weaknesses, and aided me in the difficult conversations I had to have with my senior executives, supervisor, and employees.  I would not have been able to confront some of these obstacles without his expert assistance.  The result was that the agency recognized their mistake, apologized, and I was able to remain in my position.  I will be able to use Dr. Mael’s knowledge, strategies, and techniques with any personal of professional obstacle in the future.