My coaching is geared to harnessing your strengths and resources and reaching your personally identified goals. These can include better focusing your leadership efforts, improved organizational and individual job performance, more strategic thinking about your business or your career, more satisfying and productive relationships with peers and subordinates, and greater work life balance and fulfillment.

I draw on my training in industrial organizational psychology, counseling and executive coaching and my experience as an organizational consultant, executive coach and researcher to provide you with knowledge and insight and the tools for growth and change. Ultimately, we must work as a team to help you find the directions and solutions that you can and will act on.

In coaching I will guide you to make decisions about the changes you would like to make; develop a personal action plan in order to make those changes; implement your action plan; and develop strategies to maintain the changes.

Who I Coach

I work primarily with three types of clients.

  • One group is executives and managers in corporations and nonprofits.  I help these clients set priorities, clarify strategies and missions, delegate roles to staff, manage stress and interpersonal conflict in the workplace, and improve unit cohesion and talent retention. On occasion, I may be asked to help an executive or manager overcome specific issues that interfere with his or her ability to achieve success.
  • A second group is entrepreneurs and owners of professional and service businesses.  I help them with the transition from being a solo entrepreneur to being the head of a leadership team or more. I am especially passionate about working with scientific and technical professionals who have started companies or moved into management. I help their successful transition into leadership roles they may not have been previously anticipated.
  • A third group that I work with is individuals in early or transitional career stages who seek more fulfilling or rewarding careers.

Although many seek coaching because of career or company difficulties, it is often successful people who are most likely to gain from coaching. In taking on so many different roles and maintaining such full schedules, they may find that changes, such as starting or finishing a valued project or moving into new areas of business, get deferred permanently. Coaching is an excellent way to rejuvenate priorities and streamline goals.

I work with regional clients in person and with a national client base by phone. Depending on the issues, some clients make significant and sufficient strides in a short time. Others find it useful to continue with coaching for longer periods as they take on bigger or different roles and responsibilities.

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I also present lectures and seminars for a range of audiences. These are some sample topics:

  •  Turning scientists and technical personnel into leaders
  • Telecommuting trends and issues
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Increasing employee loyalty and retention
  • Coaching, mentoring and advising employees
  • The perils of workplace boredom