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Are You Ready for Change?


As an executive or manager, would you like to:

    • Improve your organizational culture?
    • Approach your business more strategically?
    • Prioritize and act on long term goals?
    • Increase retention of top employees?
    • Motivate employees and improve their performance?

As a professional or employee, would you like to:

    • Re-energize your job or career?
    • Improve your work relationships?
    • Start and finish projects that are important to you?
    • Make work life balance a priority?

You can.

“Fred has a unique combination of talents: strong analytical skills, innovative thinking when addressing complex issues, extraordinary communications skills and the ability to build trust, especially when dealing with challenging personal or organizational issues. Everyone who works with him is grateful for the work he’s done on their behalf.” (Mary Ann Kmetyk, Principal, Applied Performance Strategies)

As an experienced organizational consultant and executive coach, I lead you to:

  • Manage your productivity
  • Manage your employees
  • Manage your time
  • Manage your work relationships
  • Manage your emotions
  • Manage your aspirations

You and your organization can thrive!

“He was successful in extracting a tremendous amount of information, all in a relatively short time period. This enabled us to roll out many changes and initiatives, all of which still benefit the company to this day. I highly recommend him“. (Jonathan Ehrenfeld,  President,  Blue Ocean Realty) 

Here’s what you can accomplish:

  • Improve organizational culture and morale
  • Foster talent retention
  • Encourage strategic thinking
  • Define staff and team roles
  • Measure performance
  • Set clearer, more articulate goals
  • Manage stress and resolve interpersonal conflict in the workplace
  • Strengthen professional relationships

“He asks the right questions, listens carefully, and offers solutions… He has made a positive difference in helping us to become a better company.” (Gordon Walsh, CEO, Flying Frog Publishing)